Appreciate your Employees October 20, 2011

This seems obvious, but it is lacking in so many places today. You have a good employee who is giving their best? Give them appreciation and respect.
My computer guy is the absolute best! He has worked with me since he started college a few years back. He is kind, conscientious, creative and gives his best. I want the best for him and I get the best from him. He popped in today and helped me with a few projects. We listen to smooth jazz while he is here. I found a Tom Scott CD very cheap at a sale. Tonight when he left I gave it to him with a $20 inside. It was a small gesture but it was the least I could do. I want to express my gratiutude for his excellence in service.

He took home a small token of my appreciation. He was listening to the disc when he left. I am sure he appreciates this as it was one of the finest contemporary Jazz CDs of the 1990′s – a 1994 release of Reed my Lips by Tom Scott. I know that he likes a wide variety of music. I know he likes this. A gift that has just a little thought behind it can mean a lot.
He means a lot to me and I am sure he has a very successful career ahead of him. He will not always work for me. But I want him to remember me 15 years from now as a bos who appreciated his excellence and kindness. It is good to reward and honor excellence, that will motivate the person to continue their excellence. In the short term for me and in the long term for his next employer and in the big scheme of things make this a better country.